Y111 - Heifer calf - DOB 09/27/06
 Mary Ann x Wyoming Wind
Sold Private Treaty at 3 weeks old for $3500

Y125 - PB heifer
Adj. WW of 769 pounds
CR Mac IV 5247 & Mary Ann
Ranks in the top 15% of the breed for Total Maternal, top 20% for Milk, and the top 25% for Yearling Weight
(Non Parent EPD's)


Y117  -  PB Heifer
Mary Ann x Wyoming Wind
We named this heifer right "Ms Show Me Wind"

Y118  -  PB Bull
Adj. WW of 702 pounds
Sired by Wyoming Wind


MaryAnn x Fasttrack DOB 4/20/06
Ranks in the top 4% of the breed for Calving Ease,
 top 5% for Milk, top 9% for Total Maternal, and
top 15% for both Birth Weight and MCE (Non Parent EPD's)
As of 4/30/07 ADG: 3.22 lbs. Hip Height: 54
Scrotal: 35cm Rump Fat: 0.18 Rib Fat: 0.16
REA: 13 IMF%: 3.3% GeneStar information coming!!

 PB Charolais Bull
Mary Ann x CR Mac IV 5247


 DOB 01/08/07
Sired by Wyoming Wind

 DOB 11/17/09
Sired by ACE-RC ELKO 5224-0860 PET